How do i know if someone is recording my call, how do i lock my apps on my ipad


How do i know if someone is recording my call


How do i know if someone is recording my call





























How do i know if someone is recording my call

Can someone please let me know if there is any feature phone available in NOKIA with call recording option?” asked one Facebook user.

However, the company has already confirmed they are working to get a feature call recording feature to its devices.

“We are currently working on implementing a new service for our existing users, how do i know if someone is recording my call. We are considering implementing similar functionality on all feature phones,” said the reply to one post.

NOKIA had released an Android 6, my someone how if call is i recording know do.0 Oreo update a few months ago, but it seems like the smartphone is not yet ready for the software upgrade, my someone how if call is i recording know do.

One user asked about the reason behind the delay on the update. NOKIA responded, “Our main priority is to take care of our customers and ensure they are satisfied with the customer experience, how do i install spy software on my android. As with any software update, there are many factors involved. We are confident we will roll out an update that will address customer concerns in the near future.”

NOKIA’s main focus for the future of the smartphone is to offer a variety of different devices. The company is also looking to offer the device at a lower cost, as part of a drive to target the budget segment in the upcoming days and weeks.

How do i lock my apps on my ipad

I am unable to use automatic call recording apps in my samsung A10. it is recorded only my voiceand no video. I tried to change video quality and audio quality it does nothing at all. Does anyone know if there is any solution to this problem, how do i locate my phone number.


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