PROOF: $9,393 In Affiliate Commissions in Just 28 Days – with ClickBank, WarriorPlus & JVZoo.

Did You Know.. in January 2021.. a few Affiliate Insiders are making $1k/day – on ClickBank, W+ & JVZoo?

And they’re doing it with automation & artificial intelligence?

They automatically choose an affiliate program… automatically get FREE traffic… and make huge automated commissions.

I should know… because I’m one of the insiders…

Every month I make $5k to $15k with affiliate marketing and my new “AI” Software. Here’s how automation changed my LIFE….

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How it works?

Step 1

Pick 7,000 Profitable Affiliate Programs

The first step is to choose a profitable affiliate program.

There are 7,000 affiliate programs in Affiliate Bots 2.0, every month, on W+, Launches, ClickBank & JVZoo.

Bots 2.0 includes SIX software tools to find the hottest affiliate offers – updated every 24 hours in January 2021. Our bots crunch 500 metrics – to give YOU the money-making data, every day of Jan `20 – and beyond…

First, Find EVERY NEW Product Launches on CB, Warrior, JVZoo & PayDotCom: View Google & YouTube SEO competition, Track & View All JV email updates & Filter By Keyword, Price, Commission JV Prizes & More!


“Auto-Boost” Your Conversions of ANY Website You Own – Just By “Copy & Pasting” One Line of Code (oh.. and create Websites in 60 Seconds… We’ll Come Onto That Later!). Want to create websites in 60 seconds? Keep reading…

But what if you want to instantly boost the conversions on ANY website…

Just by copying and pasting ONE line of code!?

Sounds like science fiction? Then you haven’t logged into….

“Web Widgets”, which turns YOUR visitors into BUYERS… with 10 “AI Widgets”…

Just login to the cloud software, and create the widget. Then copy and paste the code into your website to start building a buyers list on any website!

NOTE: This absurd feat of money-making is ONLY POSSIBLE because : 1) I dug through over my Analytics to see which 500k visitors converted to 5k buyers… 2) I spent 10 years (and approaching $x,xxx,xxx) building software…. 3) I understand predictive marketing… 4) I had the guts to actually build this tech…then sell it for less than 1% of the development costs!

With Web Widgets v1.01, you just copy-and-paste to your website, to auto-convert visitors to buyer traffic…

Download Autobots Now – It’s Free

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